I create paintings about the web of life where our connections with each other and the universe serve to energize us and give us strength and a sense of purpose.  


For me, painting -- like much of life -- is a mystery ride. It is exciting, fascinating and challenging because new experiences lying around the next corner might change the entire journey sending me in a new direction. This mystery entices and motivates me to explore the dimensions and qualities of varous media while a painting takes on a life of its own -- through me --  to express its story and reveal insights about the web of life and living -- including insights about my own sensibilities and vulnerabilities.  


Human vulnerability and resilience, the central focus of my scientific work, continues as a major theme in my art and poetry.  However, it is the mystery ride that influences my choices about  subject matter, color, composition and how I portray my vision of these and other abstract concepts, places I visited and the personal memories and insights I gained along the way.




My journey as an artist began, like most artists, in childhood when I found more joy in creating images on paper than I did in almost anything else. As a pre-teen I had the opportunity to take two years of private art instruction from a French missionary nun who was expelled from China during the Communist revolution. She taught me about color, chiaroscuro, perspective, traditional techniques for representational drawing and painting and Eastern cultures. 


I continued my art training with mentors while creating illustrations for our Columbia Scholastic Press Association Medalist Award winning high school and nursing newspapers and yearbooks. Subseqently, as time and opportunity permitted, I engaged in representational drawing and painting but used most of my art time to create illustrations for my teaching materials and scientific publications while I pursued a career as a nurse clinician, scientist, educator and administrator. After a personal injury in 2004 that threatened my abilities to continue drawing and painting, I resummed intense art training through open studio work, workshops, formal course work and self-study. My paintings are in juried, group and individual shows and in private collections.  Three abstract paintings from my Passion Series, selected for reproduction as 10 foot panels, are on display as part of the Crystal City (Arlington, Virginia, USA) Art Walls Project. One of the three paintings, "Out of the Depths (2)" is being used as wayfarer signage for Art Underground, a new performing and visual arts center in Arlington, Virginia.  An "Open House" for Art Underground is scheduled for March 16, 2013.  


After a year as an Artist-in-Residence at the Griffin Art Center in historic downtown Frederick, Maryland, USA, I returned to an expanded home based studio where I am preparing the first book of my art and poetry for publication.