| 08 December, 2013 09:28

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Artomatic 2012

| 29 June, 2012 14:12

Sadly, Artomatic 2012 has drawn to a close and by this weekend, all of the exhibits will be dismantled and soon after the building -- 1851 South Bell Street -- will be demolished.  Although this still looks, to me, like a contemporary building, it is in need of repair and updating and, it appears, that it will be giving way to "progress."  Artomatic certainly provided one last hooray for this awesome office building.  But for some of us, the experience will live on.  For me, the number of people who left business cards or filled out contact cards was very gratifying and they will be added to my mailing list.  All were entered into the free drawing for a limited edition giclee of one of my abstract paintings from the "Passion" series that were reproduced as 10' X 10' panels and installed on the 20th Street wall as part of the Crystal City, VA Art Walls Project (hopefully, these panels will withstand the 1851 demolition as they are virtually next door).  I wish I could award a painting to everyone who left contact info, many of whom also included complimentary notes. To all, I say, "Thank you for visiting my paintings and taking time to stop and leave your contact info.  I hope our paths will cross again someday." But I am pleased to announce that C. Loeffler of Washington, DC is the winner of the drawing and will be receiving his giclee in the next few days. He kindly agreed to have his name released. And a special "THANK YOU"  to the organizers and committee members of this huge and joyful event!


| 27 April, 2012 12:01

Three of my abstract paintings have been reproduced (as 10' X 10' images) and installed on the 20th Street wall at Crystal City (Arlington), VA as part of the Crystal City Art Walls Project.   I will be inserting photos of the istallations (along with me) taken in February and March, 2012 -- shortly after they were installed --as soon as I can figure out how to overcome the system's resistence to getting them inserted ;-{    It is anticipated that they will be on exibit until 2016 or 2017 -- depending on how well they withstand the weather changes.  I will have limited edition, enhanced giclees on canvas along with notecards of these 3 paintings available at the Artist Market at Artomatic 2012 in Cyrstal City.  Sepcific date of the Artists' Market pending.

Artomatic 2012

| 19 April, 2012 11:09

The Artomatic 2012 event is being held at 1851 South Bell Street, Crystal City, VA  from May 18th to June 23rd.  The site is located about one and a half blocks from where 3 of my "Passion" series paintings are displayed on the 20th Street wall between Crystal Drive and Bell Street.  If you check out the Artomatic website directions, they indicate there are 2 parking garages nearby and one just happens to be where my paintings are located -- isn't that a nice coincidence?!!!!   I'll be going there this Saturday for orientation and site selection and will provide an update after I get back.  

Artomatic 2012

| 13 April, 2012 11:06

I will be displaying a limited portfolio of my abstract paintings  at Artomatic 2012 in Crystal City, VA. This is a major art event in the Washington area with over a thousand visual and performaing artists participating.  More than 70,000 people attended the last Washington area event.  As a result of my participation in the Artomatic @ Frederick in 2011, I was invited to participate in the Crystal City Artwalls project and 3 of my abstracts from the "Passion" series were selected and reproduced as 10' X 10' panels that have been mounted on the 20th Street wall near Crystal Drive.  This year, in addition to the current portfolio that will be on display at Artomatic 2012, I will have  limited edition, enhanced giclee reproductions of the 3 Artwall's project paintings (Out of the Depths 1 & 2 and Apollo's Fire) available for purchase.  Artomatic 2012 opens on May 18th and runs through June 23rd.  Hope to see you there.

In the Studio

| 28 March, 2012 09:50

March 2012 marked the realization of a life long dream -- I moved into my own studio space at a new art center in Frederick.  I am one of 21 visual artists who are the inaugural Artists in Residence at the Griffin Art Center Galleries and Studios.  The  Center is having a "soft opening" in April and the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony will be on June 21st.  It is great to have a studio outside of my home studio where I can paint and share ideas and energy with outer artists on a daily basis.  I'll post more news and pictures soon.  Oh, yes, my new info for my business card, etc is:  Maryann Pranulis, Artist-in-Residence, Studio H, Griffin Art Center, 4A West 5th Street, Frederick, MD 21701.  Best way to contact me is via my cell phone:  (240) 409-1307.